pool/Spa Automation

We work with different automation system.

pool Equipment

We provide and repair a variety of Pool Systems.

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Pool Maintenance

We offer Pool Maintenance in Phoenix..

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Bill Combs

Pool Repair

pool remodeling

We have 36 years experience in Swimming pool construction ...

Swimming Pool Repair
We do it right or we won't do it!!

We fully guarantee our work!

What we specialize in is SWIMMING POOL REPAIR IN PHOENIX. Heater Repair, Spa Repair and Pool and Spa Lighting. There is an endless sea of pool companies to choose from. Most pool companies will say they can when they really can't or won't. Bill Combs Pool Repair can and will every time because can't isn't in my vocabulary! Don't let the sun set on your swimming pool this swimming season before it even begins.Our motto is we do it right or we won't do it!! 

Swimming Pool Repair Phx  www.swimmingpoolrepairphx.com

  • ​Filters-all types
  • Pumps and motors, all makes and models.
  • Variable Speed Pumps complete
  • Variable Speed replacement motors.
  • Single speed motors
  • Automatic in floor cleaning systems.
  • Heaters, gas and electric.
  • Automatic Water levelers
  • Led Color Changing Lights
  • Fiber Optic Lights
  • Automatic Pool and Spa Controls
  • Timers
  • Salt Generator Systems
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • ​Under ground leaks